Webinar:  28th July 2020 (16:30 PT)


The aim of the project “Boats4Schools: An Educational Challenge“ is to develop a ludic and educational methodology that can get young students attention to the importance of STEM educational opportunities as a possible pathway for a future career.

The methodology to be developed in the project is oriented as a youth challenge for young students (12-17 years old), that can be replicable anywhere in the world. The methodology is based on a challenge where student´s (working in teams) will have to build a small Boat (miniature) under a set of rules like powered by a sustainable energy source or building the boat from a specific material, and, by doing that they will have to get in contact with several technologies like 3D design, Additive Manufacturing, Cloud Manufacturing, Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tools, Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools, High performance computing (HPC), Math, Physics, Innovative thinking, creativity and so many other skills. At the same time that students are building their Boat and preparing the Boat for the Challenge they are learning relevant contents related to STEM+A (Art/Creativity), with the help of a tutor (teacher) that will guide them towards the creation of the best Boat that will compete in the Challenges (Regional School Challenges, National and International Challenges). Further to the STEM+A (meaning STEAM) related contents, each team of students will be asked to work other competences like marketing their boats and get sponsors, working leadership and presentation in front of a jury, self-employment and entrepreneur techniques among other transversal skills. This empowerment as a team, will be an important asset to promote social inclusion among youngsters.

The methodology that the project expects to create is based on an extracurricular activity following a contemporary educational approach – learn by doing – with the power to stimulate pupils attention and given them the opportunity to promote the self-learning , active participation and independent (self) development in educational fields that are not often easy to engage the students.

With Boat4Schools, the partners expect to create a friendly way to engage young students to be more positive about STEM career paths and encourage them to choose STEM studies.


Project Tasks


Benchmarking with other similar initiatives, around the world and collect the best practices


Defining the educational approach and resources in parallel with the objectives and rules of the Boats4Schools Challenge


Running several trial contests (pilot approach) in the different countries of the partnership


Disseminate the project results at national and European level trying to spread the project methodology to be adopted in other schools and countries.




To reach the target audience, presentations, and a paper, it was prepared and presented/distributed at national/international conferences and relevant trade events, as follows:

7th International Conference on Business Sustainability, Póvoa do Varzim, Portugal, 15th November 2017

– CECIMO – European Association of the machine tools and related manufacturing technologies, Additive Manufacturing  WG, Brussels, Belgium, 27th February 2020. Presentation. (https://www.cecimo.eu/events/cecimo-meetings-2/)

– INTED2020 – International Technology, Education and Development Conference, Valencia, Spain, 2nd to 4th March 2020. Presentation.

Publication of the paper: “Promoting sustainability awareness and technical competence development using an active learning constructivist approach:

The project Boats4Schools” (https://library.iated.org/view/ROCHA2020PRO )

-18 October 2018,  39  Brasilian teachers  (Universities, schools, .etc) “ Professors of University of Lisbon and the Vice-Dean of the University of Santiago visited our school and was presented  the progress of  the Project and all activities we did with 3D printing and boats4school

-ATS Conference, Flemish Parliament two the headteacher and a  teacher Participated, Brussels, Belgium, 1st January 2019.

-Conference of headteachers about Erasmus at CPI O Cruce Participated the headteacher, one teacher and 4studens, Cidade da Cultura, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.  5th June 2019.

Presentation for 15 teachers from Scotland came to do job shadowing sent by the teachers Centre “Cafi”. Was presented the project activities. Cerceda, Spain. 22nd  October 2019.

Boat4Schools example boats and products were used displayed and explained to disseminate our project during the annual Girls in ICT Day event named ICT-Go-Girls! – Día das Rapazas nas TIC 2019, (https://e-learning.cesga.es/ictgogirls/) which is celebrated to encourage girls to study and then work in ICT related fields


“La Voz da Galicia” newspaper, 23rd April 2019 https://www.lavozdegalicia.es/noticia/carballo/2019/04/23/cpi-cruce-cerceda-participa-siete-proyectos-erasmus-/0003_201904C23C7991.htm

Cerceda TV Channel, 18th October 2018

La voz da Galizia” newspaper, 15th February 2020

“La Tribuna” online Newspaper 

Il Gazzettino” Newspaper, 14 th Befruary 2020


Spanish pilot, Cerceda, Spain 10th June 2019, organized by CESGA and  School O Cruce

Portuguese pilot, Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal, 10th July 2019, Organized by CATIM, EditValue, and School EB23/s Pinheiro

Italian pilot, Treviso, Italy, 13th February 2020, organized by School Itis Max Planck and T2i



As outputs, this project produced several resources that are available for download.






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